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Before starting the SEO campaign it is important that you should be clear with why you want SEO for your website. Whether looking for increase organic traffic or want to improve ranking around small but crucial keywords? Whether want to recover from Google penalties or want to win over the competitors?
Want a good rank to get more traffic don’t give the exact direction. Because good ranking or win over the competitor is a different thing. So first of all clear with what your main goal is. Once you understand we channlize all our energy for your successful SEO campaigning.

SEO Process

Keyword Research and Analysis

Keyword Analysis will give you in depth details of keyword Performance. It will tell you which keyword is generating most revenue. With this analysis you can focus on the high revenue keywords and skip the useless one. Moreover you can get keywords that could act as easy Victories to boost traffic. The tool that gives you the clear picture of your keyword performance is Google’s Webmaster Tools and Pro Rank Tracker.

Competitive Analysis

Using Moz or Ahrefs tools you can get to know that for which keyword your competitor is ranking for, from where they are getting links, and how they win over you. By analyzing your competition help you to leave your them behind. This Analyzing report will effect your future decisions at a great extent.

Page Optimization Analysis

This analysis is about measuring your page optimization. It makes sure that everything on your page is properly optimized. It includes checking your posts keyword destiny, Meta description, title tags, URLs Structure, Internal and external links.

Content Quality Analysis

It checks that relevancy of your content. Your content should meet with the qualities like 100% originality, language proficiency, informative, readable. If you found any loophole than hire other content writer because content is extremely important for your website.

User Experience Analysis

Google Analytics is the best tool to rank your SEO campaigning performance. It determines your performance on the basis of bounce rate and average time on site. Bounce rate is percentage of the visitors that leave the page just navigating the one page. It should not be 98%, if you have this than it is a major alarm for you.
Average time on site means how much time your audience is spending on your website. The better the user experience, the more visitors engagement and the high the quality of website

Link Profile Analysis

There is no doubt that back links holds the most important place in the SEO campaign. Link Profile Analysis tool will show you report of back link type, number of links you have, quality of the link, relevancy of the links, website’s niche, anchor text and many other factors.
Some parameter you should take care of
• How many back links come from trusted websites in similar niche?
• How many authority website links to your website?
• What is the percentage breakdown of keyword anchors?

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