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service-detail-1PPC stands for Pay per Click, a model of online advertising where the advertiser pays a certain amount to the host every time their ad is clicked on the hosting platform. Generally, it is the process of buying relevant traffic to the website rather than originally earning it. The advertiser bids on a calculated value of a click based on the search term, value of anticipated sale, platform and the audience it originates. .

PPC Advertising has turned out to be the most relevant, scalable and optimizable form of digital marketing as it allows advertisers to keep a strong hold on the spend, traffic and results being delivered.

Major platforms for PPC advertising

Google Adwords

Google adwords is so far the largest PPC platform; both in terms of advertisers as well as searchers. Whenever a search is initiated, Google digs into millions of advertisers accounts and chooses the most relevant ones to appear on its ad space in the search results. The relevancy is algorithmically decided based on two components, the CPC bid and the quality score of the ad. CPC, also called as cost per click, is the highest amount that the advertiser is willing to spend. Whereas, quality score is a value that takes into account your click-through rate, ad and landing page relevance and speed).

Yahoo Bing Ads

Similar to Google adwords, Yahoo Bing networks on the same ad delivery model. However, the users have numerous benefits in terms of better ad position and lower CPCs. The platform also shows ads on the pages of their search partners, thus increasing the audience. As of 2017, Bing Ads has 142 million unique searchers on the Yahoo Bing Network.

Facebook Ad Manager

Facebook allows marketers to create their ads based on PPC mode of advertising using the Facebook ads manager. These ads can be standard photos, videos or carousel ads, and can be targeted to a wide range of audience based on parameters like age, gender, interest, work demographics, device, operating system and a lot more. These ads can be shown at a variety of spots on the facebook like news feed, sidebar, in-video ads, and instagram feed as well.

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